We stand behind our work, with an unconditional one-year guarantee

Our unique service and candidate delivery approach


Define Company Selling Points:  We take the time to understand your business, growth, culture, and its associated selling points. This vital first step includes appropriate client interviews, website and materials review, etc., and enables us to most effectively represent your organization in the marketplace.

Design the Position Specification:  Our understanding of your needs is captured in this formal document which includes company overview information, specific job related responsibilities, and the required skills, experience and competencies for the position.  During the search process, the position specification serves as an important marketing and education tool for candidates.  We work closely with you to ensure the language is just right before proceeding to market.


Research the Market:  We view each search as unique, requiring a custom made and targeted research strategy.  Specific industries, organizations, and geography, all serve as a foundation for sourcing the very best candidates. We contact 100-300 individuals by phone and from those identify the most qualified candidates expressing interest. We leverage a proprietary database and the Internet to supplement phone efforts throughout the process.  Two levels of candidate screening support each search assignment. First, the research consultant who qualifies the initial group of targeted candidates, then a dedicated MGI recruiter screens those candidates selected a second time to determine the finalists for client evaluation. 

Candidate Interviews:  We extensively interview all selected top candidates face- to-face before scheduling a client to see them, unless otherwise instructed. This is an important step in our process of evaluating candidate fit for the client.  We conduct behaviorally-based interviews and evaluate:

  • Leadership

  • Promotional Movement and Job Changes

  • Experience & Education

  • Transferrable Functional Skills

  • Track Record and Sustainable Results

  • Interpersonal Social Style

  • Compensation Package


Candidate Presentation:  In 20 working days from the beginning of a search, we present you with MGI’s  top 5-7 candidate profiles, a summary of each individual we spoke with, and market compensation data.  Our presentation begins with a high level view of our candidates.


We provide tailor made write-ups on each candidate we present in order to accelerate client understanding of our candidate's skills and qualifications. Click image below to download complete candidate profile sample.































We also provide a detailed list of the people we contacted and the disposition of our discussions.  This confidential report is a valuable tool the client now owns.  We agree at this meeting which candidates will receive client interviews.

Final Selection:   We assist with reference checks at your discretion and provide input to help you in the final decision process.  We also assist with offer negotiations and continue recruiting to maximize your options until the offer has been accepted.  Upon hiring of an MGI candidate, we provide an unconditional one-year guarantee.    If our recruit leaves for any reason within one year, we will re-conduct the search without fee, charging for expenses only.

Follow Up:  We maintain contact with each new hire after joining the company.  The relationship we establish with our candidates allows us to identify and relay issues that can impact their assimilation into a new culture. 

Investment:  Our professional fee is 30% of the candidate's first year’s total cash compensation. Volume placement discounts are available. We can also accept unrestricted client stock as payment of up to 25% of our fee, upon mutual agreement.  We can tailor our efforts for other unique requirements as appropriate. 

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