Organization Health Survey Assessment - allows executives to clearly understand the critical issues impacting employees, work systems and customers.  Conducting an effective survey assessment of these areas provides the framework for improving your business and its associated performance objectives.  Our survey development and administration process is supported by several guiding principles


  • Ensure confidentiality of all participants

  • Survey primary categories of concern

  • Evaluate level of importance for each questions

  • Survey questions should only take 15-20 minutes to complete

  • Provide participants the option to share written comments


Competency Development - provides the foundation for performance management, selection decisions, training and employee development. Understanding and defining your organization's core competencies will help focus your workforce on the skills and behaviors needed to drive business results. Competencies also provide a platform for development feedback discussions where employee strengths and needs can be identified. Our consultants will work with key members of your organization to define the competencies and behavioral measures critical to your company's growth and long-term success.















Performance Planning - is a high performance work system designed to align a workforce in support of the company's business goals and objectives, translating business initiatives into concrete individual plans. This approach means more than standard job descriptions. Each performance plan is developed in support of achieving the company's strategic direction and establishes individual accountabilities, measures and evaluation standards for each employee to ensure the highest level of performance is being achieved. Below is a template example of a Performance Plan for an employee working within a retail operations function. By clearly defining performance expectations, employees "know where the bar is set" and can fully align their efforts with the expectations of the company.  The Performance Plan ensures an effective level of accountability and provides a roadmap for employees to contribute to the business and understand exactly how they will be evaluated.























Development Feedback - is a process approach to ensuring your core employee population is receiving timely and constructive performance and development feedback. We provide management training on how to provide effective feedback to employees using guiding principles and process techniques that allow an employee to fully participate.













Succession Planning - is a process designed to help management understand the level of bench strength that exists within their company and the timing associated with individuals being ready to backfill or succeed other employees in position due to promotional movement or turnover.  Executives who lead large employee populations with complex organization structures have the greatest need for ensuring an efficient succession planning process is occurring within their company. 











Staffing Process Design & Selection Training - establishes fair and efficient procedures for communicating position openings within a company as well as properly evaluating internal and external candidates who apply.  We help outline and define the steps within the hiring process and the supporting roles and responsibilities of line and staff managers who assist with candidate evaluation. Diverse and targeted resource pools provide the proper applicant flow needed to select the best candidates for each function within the company.  Training is provided for all employees who assist with the selection process using behaviorally-based interview techniques and tailor made interview guide books. 























Together, many of these systems work interdependently as part of an organization's plan for managing Human Capital. The following illustration provides an outline of how these systems can work together and operate within an organization.

Introductory discussions regarding your organization's needs and the scope of potential project assignments can be arranged on a non-retainer basis.

Investment - MGI consultant per diem rates range between 1,500 and 2,500 dollars.  We can tailor our efforts for other unique requirements as appropriate.